7 Winning Marketing Tips for Self-Publishers


Whether you are a new writer on the block or someone who has decided to chart their own course after several publisher-backed book launches, self-published work can be both exciting and scary at the same time. While you do enjoy more freedom and creative decision-making, you will also lack the higher budget and networking opportunities provided by a large publishing agency.

That being said, you can still successfully market, launch and monetize your written work without a middleman with an adequate pre-launch advertisement campaign. With that, let’s take a look at several winning marketing tips for self-publishers which will help you spread the word and interest in your literary work in order to reach as many readers as possible.

Write a Brief Outline

While you are the author of your own work, the people who will consider buying and reading your book will most likely know very little about its contents. In order to amend that, you should create a small paragraph or two which will briefly outline your book’s content or plot, depending on its genre and message. This will not only help you attract a greater reader base to your book but also challenge you as an author to describe your work in as few sentences as possible.

Make a Preview Available

One of the best ways to market your literary work as a self-publisher is to make a preview available to general audiences. Free previews in the form of a small, non-spoiler chapter can showcase not only your writing style but also the general premise and content of the book to those unfamiliar with your work. Previews can be published on several communication channels such as social media and your own website, with an end-note which can consist of an Amazon affiliate link or a direct book order form from a partner print agency.

Create a Social Media Presence

Given the global nature of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, marketing your book via these channels is of utmost importance. To get started, all you have to do is create dedicated pages under your pen name and publish updates about your writing progress, future literary career plans, tips for other writers, etc.

Jennifer Brook, Head of Content Writing at Supreme Dissertations spoke on the matter recently: “Whether you market your work locally or globally, social media will allow your followers to share the content with their social circles unlike any other medium. In addition, you can easily engage your followers and chat about your product, their feedback about your work and other topics related to your continued development.”