Top tips for self publishing success


Woman&Home Books and Fiction Editor Emma Shacklock reveals her top tips for achieving self publishing success...

It’s often said that everyone has a novel in them. But for those who have theirs already written and ready to go, the question often becomes – what now? Self publishing is sometimes sniffed at, but actually, for many it's the best option.

You might seek to go down the traditional route, but this process is not for the faint hearted. If you are successful it will likely take an average of two years to get your book to market after you have secured a deal. Some individuals have proved that similar success can be achieved by self publishing, and much more quickly.

Sunday Times Top 10 best-selling author Cathy Bramley, author of this year's successful A Patchwork Family and the upcoming eBook, My Kind of Happy, launched her career by self-publishing her first book.

‘To be successful in self-publishing you need to be comfortable wearing several hats. Writing is creative, but publishing is a highly competitive industry. Research your market, be business-like in your approach and invest in yourself and your book,’ says Cathy.

She will share more advice at our W&H How to get published masterclass on Thursday 6 August – register free here.

With these simple tips you can start getting your book out there, and with a bit of luck it might become one of the best books this year or a hotly debated book club book...